El chioschetto


In the evening, towards aperitif time an outstanding view

El chioschetto

A small open air bar with seats and umbrellas, situated in the Zattere area, overlooking the Canale della Giudecca, opposite Molino Stucky. It offers a simple but very good menu. Sandwiches, piadina, a wide choice of toasted sandwiches – also for vegetarians – large vegetable salads and some cold dishes. Wide selection of drinks. In the evening, towards aperitif time you can enjoy an outstanding view from there. At sunset the sun seems to be falling into the water and the lagoon lakes on a red shade. You can sit with your drink, listen to live music and enjoy this beautiful spectacle. Besides, I suggest it because there is a young and lively atmosphere. From May the parties organized by the bar move to “Romina”, a boat equipped for partying on the water. It leaves at 8:00 pm not to come back before 2:00 in the morning. It has good prices as its customers are young and mainly students. I suggest you to go around 6:00 pm, aperitif time. Anyway, throughout the summer, the bar opens from 7:00 am to 2:00 am. Young local bands play live every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

Indirizzo: Fond. delle Zattere 1406A

Mezzo Pubblico : Line 2
Fermata : Zattere
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